Nature’s cure for hair loss (Online Herbs)

Hair loss is not a disease. The reason for excessive hair fall could be any of the following;

  • Hereditary
  • Age related
  • Changes in hormones like testosterone.
  • Childbirth
  • Severe infection or fever
  • Emotional stress.
  • Crash diets with very less protein content in them.
  • Side effects of certain drugs like anti-depressants, birth control pills.

The male pattern baldness is different and also more as compared to female pattern of baldness.

When to contact a hair doctor or medical professional:

  • If the hair loss is in an unusual pattern.
  • The skin on the scalp becomes red, itchy and scaly.
  • Women who encounter abnormal menstrual cycle with excessive facial hair and acne.
  • Excessive pain with itching on the scalp.
  • Loss of hair from eyebrows or beard with spots
  • Hair loss at a very young age like teens or early twenties.
  • Excessive gaining of weight combined with weakness, fatigue and intolerance to harsh climatic conditions.

A hair specialist may do the following to determine the reason for hair loss.

  • Blood test to find the exact cause of hair loss.
  • Testing the plucked hair under microscope.
  • Skin biopsy.

Thorough examination of the scalp and hair along with detailed study of the medical history of a person losing hair is enough to diagnose the cause of hair loss.

Hair loss due to childbirth or during menopause is very common and the hair starts to grow within 6 months to two years.

Similarly for hair loss due to other causes like medication, radiation or emotional stress, no treatment is required as hair tends to grow when the illness is treated or the therapy is over.

You can either wear a hat or a wig till the hair starts growing.

Ring worm and alopecia aerate of the hair also form one of the major reasons for a person to lose hair.

Apart from this there are other factors like blow drying, use of harsh chemical containing shampoos, gel, hair spray and other products like use of hair dyes which trigger hair loss.

Certain habits of individuals like hair pulling or scalp rubbing also cause people to lose hair.

The hair loss in women is generally found due to dandruff, flaky scalp, frizzy hair and split ends.

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The herbal until hair loss cream from Himalaya comes without side effects as it is made only of herbs.

Those who do not want to go for expensive hair loss treatment like hair transplantation can try this Herbal hair loss treatment.

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